Changing face of Ilford High Road.

Changing face of Ilford High Road.
by Dharam Sahdev from London GB on 18 Jul 2018

These pictures were taken on 17-07-2018.


Ron Jeffries posted 2018-07-21 8:57pm

Dharam: I wrote to the Council Leader on Thursday - he has responded bit not fully so I have written to him again. I have advised the Leader that I will not go to Ilford Town Centre again until things are put right.I will shop at Westfield or Romford when I need to do so. Never again in Ilford - it is disgusting with people spitting and dropping litter, chewing gum and cigarette butts. I would not eat the foot if they paid me to do so. Where are the Health and safety folk? Horrible. When returning home late from London I have called for a mini-cab to pick me up at the Broadway to take me home. No more. It is dangerous there at night so I go to Seven Kings and ring from there.

Dharam Sahdev posted 2018-07-21 12:37pm

Ron I agree with your comments that the pavements are filthy with grime and spit. The food is being cooked in the open and the stench is unbearable. It is difficult to pass through that area.It may be lovely to some people but for people like me who do not eat onions and garlic. Smell becomes horrible ,mixing it all with meat in the open. I remember Council cleaning people daily cleaning the area. but is it being done these days. Council officials please reply.

Ron Jeffries posted 2018-07-21 8:21am

I would not advise anyone to go to Ilford Town Centre at present. The pavements are filthy with grime and spit. The food is being cooked in the open air in a heatwave - I would not eat it if you paid me! The stench is unbearable. The benches are filthy and not fit to sit on. The whole area needs to be power washed and sanitised. My advice is - keep away - go to a decent, clean shopping area. I am sad having to say this - but I will not go back to Ilford Town Centre until it is sorted. Disgusting and a disgrace of which the Council should be ashamed. Use our Council Tax on power washers and get the place cleaned up - and fine those who spit or drop litter and cigarette butts.


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