Amy Winehouse at her worst

Amy Winehouse at her worst
by cole dines from Dagenham GBR on 24 Feb 2012

we used to go Amy's house all the time, she loved the photographers there, this was 2008, Amy used to work for one of our photo agencies Wenn so she knew a lot of us. I remember she would send us round the shops for things or to lend her money if she came home in a cab, one night she sent someone round to the Tesco Express for Pro plus and sweets. Amy was lovely, she used to make us tea, and I often heard her singing in her garage, she would hang her wigs out of the upstairs window, she was very normal but in an eccentric kind of way, she was playing up to things, she knew what she was doing as she worked for the pap agencies so knew the game well, but i think the poor girl git caught up in the drink and drug thing and I'm only guessing now, but I think she was playing up to like a Sid and Nancy image, but the addictions took over and I don't for one minute expected that to happen, It's such a shame Parasites took control of her and ultimately killed Her. This night was actually believe it or not the 23rd of July 2008 which spookily was 3 years to the day before Amy died, this was Her lowest point I would say apart from 3 years later o course, that was not a good day either, but this was when she looked her worst, I mean I saw her up close, sat in a car with her even, and she looked like death warmed up then, she was so skinny and illl looking, we always said it was a matter of time, i really thought 2008 was going to be her last year, but 3 years later and she was looking fit and well and her life was back on track and to die then, well to say that was a shock is an understamnet. lovely down to earth girl, amazing talent, tragic loss. @coledines


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