scrap metal theft thriving in Dagenham yet the Council gives scrap metal shops l

scrap metal theft thriving in Dagenham yet the Council gives scrap metal shops l
by cole dines from Dagenham GBR on 11 Jun 2012

The Council know that the scrap metal theft is thriving in Dagenham yet they give this scrap metal shop in Rainham road South a licence, why on Earth would you do that? when Eastern European gangs invading Dagenham taking what they want from our gardens in their stolen shopping trolleys. this incident happened on Saturday the 9th of June 2012, every day these gangs are invading Dagenham and what does our Council do? they give licences to more scrap metal merchants including the scrap metal SHOP yes I said shop in Rainham Road South Dagenham, next to the Eastbrook Pub, why on Earth would they give a licence to a shop that is basically encouraging crime of this sort as the scrap metal thefts are getting out of hand now, i just can't understand why the Council would encourage this. The other crime is Cash for Clothes shops opening up like the one in Station Road Chadwell heath directly opposite the Station, and then the gangs then STEAL FROM CHARITY SHOPS! I have crime reference numbers that the Charitys shops have given Me, I have written and emailed Stella Manzie the Chief Exec at Barking and Dagenham Council, but what have the Council done? they got Anne Bristow to BLOCK My emails. I am an Actor and through My agent ( I have been asked to help with an online documentary about what a slum The Council and Labour have turned it in to, with their double standards and their housing Decant lists that no one seems to know about and residents from Hackney getting £50.000 upwards to move to Dagenham, this is nothing to do with race or ethnic origin, this is about principal and equality and diversity, so now I am full time caring for My Mother who is 77 and has COPD and has come to live with Me and my Partner in My 1 bedroom flat, when we ask to move out of the Borough to an area with fresher cleaner air for My Mothers lung disease and so we are away from all of this crime, they can't help us with that, so this is the reason why I am naming and shaming and highlighting the crime the Council seem to be encouraging. Dagenham seems to be a dumping ground right now, it seems they want to turn this once great Borough in to a slum, drive the house prices down so vulnerable people with very little money can only afford to buy or rent in Dagenham, so areas like Hackney and Stratford are nice places for people with larger budgets to buy and rent, while we are left with gun crime, knife crime, you name it, we got it. @Cole dines


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